What a wonderful bunch of folks! I had a good amount of old gold jewelry that I was going to bring to a company (?) that had set up in a hotel in town. A friend in my bridge club told me NO, don't do it! She said she had gone to one of their shows with some kind of silver dollars. She was paid $8 a coin, which she thought was pretty good for a one dollar coin. A friend had told her about this place, so she brought in more of these silver dollars, and got $24 for each coin from them! So, I brought my jewelry in. Talk about being surprised! One of the owners, Mike, wrote down the amount he was going to offer me, then had me guess the number. I had no idea, so I guessed high, $800. He showed me the number.... I got paid $1130! They were all so nice and offered me a bottle of water (a very hot day). Oh, and the place smelled great! Go, go, go, you'll be happy you did!

- Anna T.

Gary, Dave, and Mike are class acts. I went in to buy physical gold and silver bullion/junk silver. They were very knowledgable and gave me a great price. I checked other stores and the other places wanted to charge me 25% MORE!!!!! You guys have my business any time! I recommend them to all my friends in the area. It's so hard to find honest people these days and it's nice to know I don't have to worry about being hoodwinked by a sleezy coin person at this shop.

- Rockeye

Nothing but good things to say! I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the shop owner and staff, who helped me with the sale of a number of old silver dollars. I had no real idea of the value, and so really appreciated them taking the time to thoroughly examine what I had, explain exactly what the value was and why, and ultimately deal with me honestly. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone! Definitely worth the drive!

- Fitzy

Money from heaven!!!!! I didn't think I had gold worth selling. I went through my jewelry and gave Mike everything I could find. I ended up making 602 dollars on jewelry I didn't wear. Mike was very helpful and friendly while inspecting my pieces. This was like money falling from the sky. I was planning a trip and now I can buy my ticket.

- Patricia